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Mike Druttman’s Blog

Mike Druttman’s Blog

So what’s this site all about?

Ideas, tips and suggestions about preparing good marketing texts in English.

Like many of you, I’ve followed a long career and picked up many interesting things along the way. As a copywriter and marketing content writer, I face a daily challenge of telling a good, interesting story. Copywriters are storytellers.

‘Content Optimization Expert’ is just another way of saying that I know how to present people’s ideas in the best possible way.

Every project has taught me something about the essence of good writing and good content management. It’s a skill that evolves over time, becoming more refined every time you seek excellence.

I’m delighted to share my experiences and insights with you in these posts and hope they help you. Glad to get your feedback too. Scroll down to see my posts.

‘Bloggo’ – he’s my symbol for this site – eager to please and enthusiastic, just like me!

Why read about content writing?

Because it can drive your business forward. Physically it’s a short span between the brain and the mouth. But mentally it can be a long stretch to try to express a compelling concept or idea. That needs focus and determination.

Collecting thoughts and shaping sentences into something valuable is a serious, professional undertaking. You need to cut out the fluff (the superfluous) and replace it with facts that impress and motivate. Read more

Does optimization mean ‘less is more’?

Yes, that’s a good way of putting it. Marketing messages are shrinking in volume, in line with people’s attention span. Our dynamic world of mobiles and the Web puts a premium on well-shaped and benefit-driven copy.

Another important point – it’s not only readers you must satisfy but search engines too!       Read more