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The importance of Content Optimization

Expert usage gives it impact

Don’t be misled – Content and Optimization are two different things that appeal to two different ‘publics’.

The first is directed towards readers – people who need to be impressed by the strength and impact of your message. The second is directed towards machines – search engine robots that are looking for relevance to the keywords used by your website visitors.

The job of the Content Optimization Expert is to satisfy both groups without compromising the quality of either one.

The power of Content

Everybody says that ‘Content is King’ – but you wouldn’t think so judging by the texts that clog up the Internet.

How many times have you asked yourself “Why don’t they just get to the point? What’s all this blurb about?” The truth is that good content needs a lot of expert creative work and even more editing work. A Content Expert will cuts the words down and edit them several times before they reach you. Then they have a chance of influencing you.

The logic of Optimization

There’s ‘optimization and there’s ‘flooding’. You can try to cram so many keywords into a text that it’s both highly optimized and impossible to read. Yet many people think that having a text with many keyword repetitions is smart. Not so. You need to integrate the keywords intelligently into the context of the story you’re telling. That’s what a good Content Optimization Expert will do.

Blending the two

So who’s a Content Optimization Expert and how can you tell if he’s good? He (or she – forgive us if we continue in the masculine) will have solid expertise as a website copywriter with added site-promotion skills. Without question, you need to see that he can tell a story well. We all have stories – about ourselves, our business activities, our new developments and more. A skilled content expert who’s also attuned to the needs of search engines will be able to apply enough SEO techniques to make your web pages respond well to visitor searches.

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  1. Rhonda Grice says:

    Thanks for explaining the different in content and optimization. I can’t tell you how many times my clients want me to stuff their content with 4% keywords and I gently try to explain that too many keywords is almost as bad as not enough.

    I personally hate reading an article where it’s obvious the words were selected just for keyword placement. Give a person good content that answers their problems or entertains them and you have a winner!

  2. Vern says:

    I found your use of the word “logic” to be the key to optimization. We don’t dare over-populate our content, or it will backfire and become sp:am!

    By carefully and consistently writing good copy, with good keyword selection, we can give the reader/s what they are looking for and satisfy the search engines as well.

    Once we find the ‘balance’, we should find our reputations will “go before us” in a positive manner, by increasing our profits.

  3. admin says:

    Great feedback, thanks

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