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Many times I’m disappointed in the content articles I read on the Web. They cover interesting topics but they’re too short. I want more. You’ll notice that most of my articles are around 650 words or longer. I don’t plan it that way, but I find that I need that volume of text to deliver information of value to my blog-readers.

When I read other articles on the Web, quite often I’ll come across an interesting topic, only to find that after about 350-400 words I’ve reached the end. It’s frustrating, because if the person offering the advice is knowledgeable then you want to find out more. Unless there is a ‘Part 2’ you are left in limbo.

The problem here is that a lot of articles are posted not so much for reader interest and edification, but rather to satisfy the demands of some SEO purpose. You can find this trend particularly in Content coming from places like India, where the English rambles on without purpose, there are strange turns of phrases and even the grammar is deficient. See my post on Sausage Machine English.