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If you work in the USA, the UK, other countries or in Israel as I do, there’s always the temptation to work with website developers who offer you a much lower price than others. Let’s say $1500 for building a 12-page site instead of $2500. So where’s the catch (because there always IS one)?

“Wow, $1000 less to pay out…” you say “A better profit for me, lower overheads…”. Check carefully why this difference exists and why the website developer is able to offer such a financially attractive price. You ask him “How big is your crew?” and he answers “I’ve got two programmers working with me”. He’s telling the truth, but you need to dig deeper. DON’T ASSUME that these are people working in the same room or building as him.

Most often these days there are two tracks that you probably don’t know about:
a) He’s the ‘front man’ and he has freelance programmers to whom he’s connected in the same country as himself.
b) He’s the ‘front man’ and all his programming is done by website programmers in far-off India.

Working with a distant crew?

Indians can be very capable programmers. However they need close attention and very precise direction as well and constant checking. Give them a 20-point action list and the chances are you’ll get it back with 6 points missing. Send back the 6 points and you’ll get the work back with 2 points still missing. My point is that they do the work in the end – at the cost of a lot of your management and attention time.