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The essence of marketing messages is to make a memorable impact. The job of the copywriter is to ask this key question (among others) before releasing work.

It can take a long time to compose strong copy. Along the way, it’s critical to check that the piece is meaningful and original. Can it make a difference in our marketing world? As a marketing writer, I hope so! I strive for that, always – whether it’s a brochure, a website text, a simple e-mail or a review for Trip Advisor.

Our job as creative people is to collect all the arguments, sort them out into the best order, add our own magic and then give each one the best presentation.

Perhaps there’s no place more important for this today than on the small smartphone screen. How much can you really read there? How much do you WANT to read there? A regular website needs to be ‘slimmed-down’ for this new medium (and, by the way, just using the ‘responsive’ tool to rearrange content on-screen is not the answer).

In fact, most marketing communications today need to be edited down and focused better. Even the texts that I wrote a few years ago seems to me today to be too long and in need of re-shaping.

Apart from creative thinking and good editing, a marketing writer also needs to have a sense of perspective. Are his or her statements credible? Do they summarize a situation well and help people notice encouraging future directions? Technical people at the client end can always provide the details but are they standing too close to see what their customer or prospective customer sees?

That’s what the real question in marketing writing is: “Do we make an impact”? I ask that on every job, even for my own stuff.