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I got a comment this morning and – to be honest – it bugged me. Here it is:

“You wouldn’t believe it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some articles about this. You’re a lifesaver, it was an good read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!

The first time I got it, I was pleased. My blog had actually helped somebody to move ahead in life. That made me feel good and encouraged me to continue writing. Of course I approved the comment. But then I started getting the exact same comment a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time! Clearly the person writing the comment was not genuine and just wanted to advance his/her own narrow interests. The person was also dumb enough to think that I would not pick up on this as a repeated and non-genuine comment.

I wanted to ask the Spammers within my reading public this: why would you waste your valuable time (you only have one life) on this kind of pointless activity when you could be writing something positive, productive, honest and genuine? What does it do for you to Spam in this way? Why don’t you respect the intelligence of others?

I remain convinced that 95% of the people who send me Comments do so honestly, with genuine feedback. I have no problem in approving those comments and allowing their link-backs. To the Spammers I say – I’m tracking you!