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Remember that I asked whether it’s worthwhile following the phrase ‘persistence pays’ with the regard to the French job for Claudine? Well, there’s a sequel.

I sent the whole 32-page job off to Claudine thinking that I had finally finished with this annoying and hugely time-consuming project. She had paid me 50% of my total fee and I was now waiting for the other 50%. Anyway, she contacted me to say that the website files all had the same French names as the French version of the site. If the French site URL was ‘www.frenchlinen.com’ then we created an English version called ‘www.english-frenchlinen.com’. Claudine had agreed to an English translation and I had put the content into the web pages as well as HTML. More than enough! Dealing with file names was another stage entirely and, in effect, ‘too much’ for the modest price she had paid.

But no, Claudine said “I need to have English file names, otherwise Google will treat my English site as suspect because the file names are the same.” All included within the original price quote, you understand… There is a nice word called ‘hutzpah’ which sums up this client attitude very well. She wants not just the hand and the arm but the whole upper body for the money she is paying. Again the dilemma – what do I do? Should I get mad and ask for more money? Should I just do the work and hope for better times?

My advantage with Claudine was that I had met her and found out what a nice person she is – so I decided to swallow hard and just get the extra work done as quickly as possible. Sometimes you just have to invest in a client and wait for ‘payback’ later.

So here I am, doing more webmastering work which is quite new to me (and getting some guidance from my webmaster, who has been very patient with me). You have no idea what is involved in changing the file names for every web page and following all the links. It is true grunt work.

Next time somebody insists that I do both the translation and copywriting work and also embed the content into the website pages, I’ll know what to answer. On the other hand, every experience teaches us something – so perhaps there’s some value to all this.