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An expert‘s view on writing well

I’ve been writing website content for more years than I care to admit. Something important happens to you when you’ve been doing it this long: it’s called the Bull***t Factor.

It drives you to cut out all the excess puffed-up words and really dig into the subject to show readers what has value.

An Example

Let’s start by looking at a short piece of confusing writing that nevertheless uses proper English. The name has been changed to protect the guilty:

GANICORP – Corporate vision

Ganicorp is committed to providing value-added services through the growth of personal and business relationships which translate into competitive profits, client satisfaction, professional growth and career enhancement for our employees and long-term viability for the company.

Can you understand what this company is all about? Is it talking to you, or just satisfying its own ego?

‘Value added services’ – we need to know specifically what these are.

‘Personal and business relationships’ – there is no human interaction that avoids this. Maybe they are doing something that builds stronger relationships. What?

‘Profits, satisfaction, growth, enhancement’ – these are universal and well-worn words can be applied to any kind of business. They are easily ignored.

‘Long-term viability’ – so the company knows how to survive? What’s the key factor contributing to this?

Ganicorp wasted an opportunity. It used 36 words in this short text and got zero impact when it could have used an expert in web content to create a strong company introduction.

As Content Experts, we need to ask many questions before being able to write something intelligent. I apply the BS Factor. Credibility relies on being specific and having the courage to provide details. That’s what impresses people.