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About Mike

English copywriter and marketing writer

Mike is a Content Optimization Expert for websites, having spent years as a Senior Copywriter before strengthening his skills with special studies in Web Site Optimization and Linking.

When he started in 1998, websites were little more than digital brochures. Since then, he’s invested great efforts to keep pace with their growing sophistication. The latest focus is on sites for mobile platforms.

His motto is ‘less words, more impact’. He enjoys creating well-crafted content that gets to the point quickly and leave an impression.

A long-standing reputation

Mike Druttman has built a solid reputation with clients as a Senior English Copywriter and a Specialist SEO Writer, treating the Web as a unique arena. Recently he started to develop a separate track for content highly optimized for the mobile environment. “Making a site responsive is just the first step”, he says. “You have to go beyond that”.

Optimization is just as relevant for other Marcom tools such as brochures, presentations – even press releases. It’s all about optimizing the message with clear and focused English copywriting. People simply have less time and want to get to the essentials faster.


Mike began his career in Marketing Communications and Copywriting in the UK in the 70s, working for several Central London advertising agencies and Public Relations consultancies. After moving to Israel in 1981 he has continued working for international clients, who are currently located in the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Italy and the Middle East.

Contact him on +972 (9) 7421250 or +972 (52) 8710337.