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About Site Optimization

Do you need it and how far do you go?

Optimization is a grand word that simply means making sure that the texts in your website pages are relevant to the people doing a search. A content optimization expert will know the limits.

You need to optimize your content because there’s nothing’s more annoying than being offered oranges when you’ve been searching for apples.

Along the way, you have to find the right balance between search phrases ranked by robots like Googlebot and the ones that us mortals find helpful.

An exercise in creativity
A skilled optimization expert will have a strong sensitivity for good content. Keywords should be ‘weaved’ into texts in a natural way that doesn’t look forced.

If you use the words ‘optimization expert’, for example, how can you vary the sentences?

Allocating the keywords
It’s important that each web page supports only one or two keywords at most, so that you have strong relevance (as well as keep your advantage against competitors.

Your optimization expert will use the keyword in various places on your web page – in the body text, as hyperlinks, as alt-tabs for images, in the page’s code (title, description etc) and perhaps even within the page’s URL as well.

The ‘footprint’ issue
You have 10 pages in your site? It’s a small web ‘footprint’. You have 50 pages? The ‘footprint’ is much larger – with 5 times more opportunity to embed keywords.

The large site gives you more places than the small one to optimize the pages for numerous search terms. Note that even with a small site, you can expand the number of pages with news stories, event or blogs.

Be aware that a site with five pages supporting a single keyword will perform better than a single page containing five keywords. Use your content optimization expert to achieve the right balance.