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“Oh, I can get it done for half the price!”

Especially in the field of marketing, life is full of examples where two suppliers offer a service and the client chooses the one that's half the price of the other. Are such things decided on price alone? Senior Copywriter Mike Druttman raises some pertinent issues. ...

When you write, be your own critic first

Is a good copywriter every really satisfied with his or her work? I guess not. The creative work involved with content  demands constant attention to detail and, above all, the question: "Is this really what the readers want to know about"? Being detached - One...

Good copywriting for landing pages

A major reason why landing pages can be so effective in attracting new business leads is the quality of the copywriting. Professional and interesting writing, with an eye to SEO needs, is an essential ingredient for success. Start with a good writing style. A landing...

Web site developers – Local or India-based?

Don’t fall into the trap of using seemingly cheap off-shore website developers. Their hourly rate may be low but you’ll find yourself paying ‘over the top’ in your own management and preparation time for them.

“A corporate profile doesn’t need to be interesting!”

The Corporate Profile is often overlooked, and it shouldn’t be! A fascinating ‘top-down’ profile of a company – with engaging and interesting copy – is a winner! If you can’t get a commitment from the top managers to create this, don’t get involved.

“I just want something that’s simple”

‘Simple and quick’ projects are usually nothing like that, needing concentrated effort and extensive skills. It’s a bit like making cartoons – simple to watch but hard to create. That’s why Mike Druttman’s motto is ‘less words, more impact’.

Using…or losing a good idea

Senior English copywriter Mike Druttman shares his experiences. The essence here is how to set about doing a quality copywriting project, maintaining professional integrity and at what point you may have to decline completing a job.

Professionalism, responsibility and empathy

Mike Druttman, a professional SEO Copywriter and Marketing Communications specialist, ponders about the professional values one applies when meeting (and hopefully helping) potential new clients. He asks “How much are you willing to go out of your way to help?”

How a Landing Page can help your business grow

Mike Druttman is a Copywriter specialising in writing content for Landing Pages. These are special kinds of web pages designed to be ‘stand-alone’ and to generate sales leads or contacts right off the page. He explains why having a Landing Page is a smart way to go even if you can’t afford doing anything else in Web Site Marketing.

You need to develop your personal ‘branding’

Companies enjoy ‘Branding’ but can individuals too? Sure they can! You possess something unique – your name and market specialization. Even if you’re called ‘John Smith’ there are still ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd, be noticed and have people appreciate your true value.

Being genuine about leaving comments on Blogs

Writing Comments to Blogs can be an opportunity for abuse, as SEO Copywriter Mike Druttman has found in his blog for better copywriting www.contentoptimizationexpert.com. Mike says that life is too short to waste on spamming activities that have no hope of success.

When you need to say NO to a job

Senior English copywriting expert Mike Druttman shares a recent experience where he decide not to continue working for a long-standing client. He said that the gap in standards between his own and theirs did not allow him to continue.

Persistence pays…the sequel

On website copywriting projects, especially those involving translation from one language to another, you have to be very careful what you agree to do for a client for the agreed price. Content Expert Mike Druttman found out the hard way, but still looks on the bright side.

Persistence pays…but is it worth it?

SEO copywriter Mike Druttman found himself in very unfamiliar territory, having to deal with the HTML side of a client’s website rather than just dealing with the content and optimization. The job was done, but in future Mike determined to stay on his ‘side of the fence’.

Watch out when you trade links

Pay careful attention when you’re exchanging website links, says copywriter Mike Druttman in his article. Don’t give away something of value in return for a link that only serves the other party’s self-interest.

Buying cheap – then paying for it later

Mike Druttman, an experienced English copywriter, shares with readers a recent experience where he created a low-budget website for a new client but found himself spending three times his usual management time on it. He says “if you buy cheap, you’ll pay for it in the end”.

Content articles on the Internet

Specialist SEO Copywriter Mike Druttman says that the shorter articles on the Internet giving advice about Content (mainly those of 300-400 words) need to have a Part 2 or sequel. That’s the way to deliver lasting value to the reader.

Producing English texts by sausage machine

Copywriting is a skilled service. Marketing writer Mike Druttman invests a great deal of time and energy to create texts that can really motivate thinking people to act. So it dismays him to hear comments about buying such services at 1/10th the price – as if copywritten text was a commodity to be churned out like sausages!

Five Recommendations for Copywriters

With decades of experience as an English marketing writer, Mike Druttman offers five recommendations for younger copywriters. How to minimize the ‘learning-curve’ time spent on the small one-off jobs? How to protect against the empty promises thrown your way by optimistic clients?

Seven tips for getting the best from your copywriter

Seven tips for clients on how to get the best work from a marketing writer so that both sides are satisfied. This is a recipe, offered by English Copywriter Mike Druttman, for making the most of your marketing assets.

Simply talk to people at eye-level

Mike Druttman, a seasoned English Marketing writer, asks why so many technology-based sites seem to the talking to their own engineers rather than to the open public (even if these are other people with appropriate technical knowledge). Keep it simple, distill the message, make the key benefits understood within 30 seconds.

The Effect of Silence

Silence in the midst of a creative and business process on a job can indicate hidden problems and agendas. Mike Druttman, an experienced copywriter, discusses this troubling situation candidly and asks for reader feedback.

Copywriters are today’s storytellers

Copywriting? Marketing Writing? What’s it all really about? SEO copywriter Mike Druttman says that copywriting is really just storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s the job of the writer to make it as appealing as possible. Yet a lot of people don’t manage that…

The power of self-criticism in Content Writing

Even after over 30 years in the copywriting business, SEP Content Writer Mike Druttman still feels he can do better. Is that good or bad? Should you always be a little dissatisfied or should you be very confident and sure in your own abilities?

Headlines are the classic Optimizers

SEO Content Specialist Mike Druttman, an experienced copywriter, looks into the whole issue of headlines and offers tips for writers who wish to increase their effectiveness in this key area. Mike’s subject area is taken from his lectures about Better Marketing Writing.

Stepping stones to a complete web site

How do you get started with a website? Who are the people who can help and in which order should you approach them? Senior Copywriter Mike Druttman has been through the process countless times and offers some useful advice about which foot to put forward first.

Finding the Muse in Creative SEO Writing

SEO copywriter Mike Druttman shares his thoughts about the creativity needed to compose Content for the Web. He concludes that this is firstly a question of setting high personal standards and demanding more than the client does. Secondly the process requires a high degree of curiousity and research, to keep digging into a given subject under the interesting nuggets are found.